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Intro to the Third Demand: What are Citizens’ Assemblies?

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A Citizens’ Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice is XR UK’s Third Demand. But what does that actually mean? Come and find out during our online talk.

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Previous webinars

Citizens’ Assemblies – how do we make them inclusive

A key feature of a Citizens’ Assembly is that the participants are randomly selected and represent the society at large. This talk explores the different methods for selecting participants for a Citizens’ Assembly, considers how we ensure that marginalised communities are fairly represented, and how we represent the voiceless – for example other species and future generations. We will explore the challenge of how to make a Citizens’ Assembly truly inclusive.

Brett Hennig from the Sortition Foundation, Marcin Gerwin from the Center for Climate Assemblies, Adela Gąsiorowska from the Center for Climate Assemblies, Johan Galster from We Do Democracy, Cecilie Astrupgaard from Analyse & Tal and Members of the Citizens’ Assembly Working Group of XR UK

How to give the Third Demand Talk 2019 09 11

How to give the Extinction Rebellion Citizens’ Assembly Talk – September 11th 2019

Extinction Rebellion Webinar on Climate Assembly UK – PART 1: What is a Citizens’ Assembly

PART 1 is an introduction to Citizens’ Assemblies: what they are and why we need one to tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

Extinction Rebellion Webinar on Climate Assembly UK – Part 2: Climate Assembly UK and XR’s position

Part 2 of the webinar covers the basics of Climate Assembly UK and XR’s key objections on its framing.

Extinction Rebellion Webinar on Climate Assembly UK – PART 3: Reflections from observers

The last part of this webinar includes reflections by three observers of Climate Assembly UK, their thoughts about the process so far and what they hope for the future.

Local Deliberations: A Participant’s Perspective on Camden Council’s Assembly on the Climate Crisis

Anna Pick recounts her experience as a participant in Camden Council’s Citizens Assembly on the climate crisis in July 2019.

Dr Marie-Claire Brisbois: an expert’s view on Citizens’ Assemblies on Climate and Ecological Justice

Dr Marie-Claire Brisbois is an academic in Energy Policy at SPRU, University of Sussex and Co-Director of Sussex Energy Group. Her work examines questions of power, politics and influence in energy, water and climate governance contexts. Here, Dr Marie-Claire Brisbois gives her personal and professional perspectives on how CAs – as one of the many forms of participative democracy – can be the vehicle through which transformative policy change for the Climate and Ecological Emergency can be addressed. Here is her expert perspective on Extinction Rebellion’s 3rd Demand.

Local Deliberations: Newham Council’s Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Emergency

Andy Paice tells us his experiences in setting up and running deliberative democracy initiatives in Newham through community assemblies with special focus on Newham’s Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change.