This is the XR Citizens’ Assembly Working Group’s central resource pool. Whether you’re looking for research, press releases or bunting – this is the place for you. If there is something that you can’t find that you think would be useful, then do get in touch.

On Citizens’ Assemblies

A great series of short videos by the deliberative democracy expert, Manuel Arriaga, on the topics

What is a Citizens’ Assembly?
Why is Extinction Rebellion calling for Citizens’ Assemblies?
And how do Citizens’ Assemblies relate to the global climate emergency?

Recorded webinars

CAWG has hosted many interesting experts to learn more about citizens’ assemblies and deliberative democracy. People with experience running citizens’ assemblies or taking part in them, find out more about how the process works from those with first hand experience.

You can watch these webinars on the XR Citizens’ Assembly Working Group YouTube channel

The Third Demand Citizens’ Assembly Talk

Image for Third Demand Talk Slides

This is the XR Citizens’ Assembly Working Group’s key talk, which we are encouraging local groups to give, as part of the Advocate Network (full resources here).

We have a Powerpoint with speaker’s notes in addition to a separate PDF version of the slides with a PDF of the speaker’s notes. There is also a filmed version of the talk.

XR Citizens’ Assembly Working Group Materials

Third Demand Flyer

Basic information on the Third Demand and why we want a Citizens’ Assembly download as either an e-flyer or printable version. You may decide to email these around before your talk, or to have some available when you present. But do use however you would like.   

Animation on citizens’ assemblies

Perfect for use on social media. Our twitter handle is: @CitizensXr. Some of the hashtags we use are: #Ecological Emergency, #Climate Emergency, #Beyond Politics, #CitizensAssemblies, #ExtinctionRebellion, #DeliberativeDemocracy.

Social Media Graphics

A selection of graphics to ‘CA’ your social media!

XRs Guide to Citizens’ Assembly

This is a great resource for building up that extra knowledge and boosting confidence ready for question and answer sessions. The Guide includes examples of CAs from around the world and details about how they are structured.

Demographic Placards

For the September Rebellion we made a set of placards/posters which are black and white but can be printed out onto coloured paper. We used these as bunting (using pegs on a line) but they could also be held as posters, and can be printed out at any size you like. They comprise of a series of statements about the make-up of the Citizens’ Assembly, how it operates and a set of demographic statistics.


From our experience, these are the types of questions that people who are first hearing about Citizens’ Assemblies and the Third Demand tend to ask. Have a scan to refresh and expand your knowledge on CAs.

Recorded Webinars

See our growing collection of webinars on Climate Assembly UK, local authority deliberative processes and more!

around the world

Some (ongoing) research into deliberative mini-publics around the world.


Files for fabric-printing bunting with a citizens’ assembly and third demand theme.