We are growing a Citizens’ Assembly Advocate Network (CAAN) of rebels in each local group to raise the flag for Citizens’ Assemblies! There is no expertise required, just enthusiasm to spread information and news about the often overlooked yet quite revolutionary Third Demand. If you are interested in joining please do get in touch at:

If you are a joining member, then welcome to the Citizens’ Assembly Advocate Network resource page! 

The initial resources below contain everything you need to jump in there and get preparing a talk. If you are curious and want to learn a little more, then keep scrolling for more resources that can fill you in on more details and deliberative democracy geekery. 

Do feel free to make your presentations your own and / or if you think that there is something missing here that would be useful then do just get in touch and we will help you out – all feedback is welcome.


first step: Resources for giving the CA talk

So lets get going!

1. Filmed Talk

Here is the lovely Linda giving ‘The Third Demand: A Citizens’ Assembly’ talk so that you can familiarise yourself with the content. If you are unsure about delivering the talk yourself – you can always screen this instead and give space for a Q&A afterwards. (Note that this talk doesn’t mention the UK Climate Assembly, although the current version of the Third Demand Talk includes a slide and speakers notes on it).

2. Talk Slides

This is it! The slides and speakers notes for ‘The Third Demand: Citizens’ Assembly’ talk. You are of course welcome to download and adapt for your own context and needs. We have found that after an initial short Q&A, it is useful to have a peoples’ assembly afterwards so that the group can discuss the talk for themselves and then feedback. This is probably best if you have another person to help out and is not at all essential – a longer question and answer can work just as well. Here are some of our top tips.

3. The Deliberate Rebellion Film

A perfect short intro film by All Hands On, which you could play before your talk, if you have the facilities. In this film we explain why we need a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice. 12min

The Deliberate Rebellion from All Hands On on Vimeo.

4. Third Demand Flyer

Basic information on the Third Demand and why we want a Citizens’ Assembly download as either an e-flyer or printable version. You may decide to email these around before your talk, or to have some available when you present. But do use however you would like.   

5. Animation

Perfect for use on social media – do post on your and your local groups’ platforms if you can. Our twitter handle is: @CitizensXr. Some of the hashtags we use are: #Ecological Emergency, #Climate Emergency, #Beyond Politics, #CitizensAssemblies, #ExtinctionRebellion, #DeliberativeDemocracy.


We suggest starting your CAAN journey by familiarising yourself with the material and asking your regional CAAN coordinator any questions ANY that you have. This image shows how you can use the Third Demand talk to gradually spread your growing knowledge on Citizens’ Assemblies throughout your community. Do keep checking in and let us know how you are doing!

More Resources

Social Media Graphics

A selection of graphics to ‘CA’ your social media!

XR’s Guide to Citizens’ Assembly

This is a great resource for building up that extra knowledge and boosting confidence ready for question and answer sessions. The Guide includes examples of CAs from around the world and details about how they are structured.


From our experience, these are the types of questions that people who are first hearing about Citizens’ Assemblies and the Third Demand tend to ask. Have a scan to refresh and expand your knowledge on CAs.

XR & Citizens’ Assemblies: An Introduction by Manuel Arriaga

Author of the amazing Rebooting Democracy: A Citizens’ Guide to Citizens’ Assemblies presents 14 short videos providing key information about the Third Demand… couldn’t have said it better ourselves Manuel!

Zoom Guide for Rebels

If you are ready to go and want to set up an online talk for your local group during lockdown, here are the basics for how to use zoom. To give the presentation, open it up in powerpoint and then click the ‘share’ button on zoom. Switch to ‘slideshow’ mode in powerpoint and give the presentation. When finished, click Zoom’s ‘stop share button. We recommend trialling this on friends or family so that you are ready and comfortable. Any problems just get in contact.

Recorded Webinars

See our growing collection of webinars on Climate Assembly UK, local authority deliberative processes and more!


As seen in the October rebellion (designed by CAWGs wonderful Ayesha) – Citizens’ Assembly bunting! Get creative and decorate your shed, the lamp posts on your street, the room where your local group meets, suitable for all occasions!